One South Realty Group

One South Realty OfficeIn January of 2008, the One South Realty Group opened its doors as the real estate market collapsed. But what looked like a recipe for disaster, actually turned out to be the perfect training ground to produce an elite, agile development team of Richmond real estate experts.

With seasoned agents who brought with them extensive experience rooted in construction, development, residential sales, commercial sales and leasing, OSRG has quickly become one of the premier brokerages in the entire Richmond Metro area.

As many Richmond agents searched for a new way of doing business, they found their home at One South. With progressive communication techniques, powerful web presence and sophisticated market research, OSRG has grown with a market going through a fundamental shifts. Instead of resisting change, real estate technologies or consumer based websites, the agents at One South adjust with an ever changing environment to serve the needs of an increasingly astute buying and selling public.

Each and every agent at OSRG brings a passion for Richmond and the many unique neighborhoods that define our city. Whether working with buyers or sellers in the City of Richmond or surrounding counties, OSRG can help you make the intelligent decisions to required to achieve your goals.